UNCLE CHESTER'S Hot Sauce has been a family recipe for generations.

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Our sauce originated in Trinidad and Tobago of the Caribbean but took a hop, skip, and a jump and landed in the Quinte Region of Eastern Ontario.

Utilizing local, farm fresh ingredients, we make our sauces in small batches with extreme care; just like those who came before us.

Uncle Chester's Recipe
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  • "Uncle Chester’s Flaming Hot Pepper Sauce is the ultimate condiment!! Include in any dish to add heat and flavor. Enjoy!! Bon Appetit!!"

    Mark Reynolds - President & CEO


    Feel the Heat, Savour the flavor. Let your tastebuds dance to the flavors of our natural ingredients.

Anytime is the right time to spice things up!!

It’s breakfast, it’s lunch, it’s dinner….!!

Before the main course, with the main course, or dessert!!

A little sweat is a good thing!!

Sometimes we like it hotter than others!!

Picture this

Imagine yourself sitting on the porch of your family farm, watching the sunset over the treetops. You have just picked fresh ingredients from your garden - hot peppers and other fresh vegetables and herbs. You can smell the aroma of dinner coming from the kitchen and know just the right sauce to put out as you begin to set the table. This is the UNCLE CHESTER'S lifestyle.

A squeeze of lime, some minced ginger and garlic, chopped hot peppers, and an array of other delectable ingredients make for the perfect hot sauce to pair with your home cooked meal.

At UNCLE CHESTER'S, we want to make it easy for you to enjoy heat and flavour and enhance any meal to make it a great meal! We have made you a hot sauce that is so flavourful and natural it’s like you picked it and made it yourself.

  • Our Mission

    We believe in sustainable eating.

UNCLE CHESTER'S Flaming Hot Pepper Sauce is Gluten Free, Vegan, and offers excellent health benefits from its nutritious ingredients. We want our hot pepper sauce to be enjoyed globally, while staying true to our homegrown, farm to kitchen roots.


    It is a commonly known fact that hot peppers are extremely good for you… but why?

Let food be thy medicine, the medicine shall be thy food.
- Hippocrates

UNCLE CHESTER'S Flaming Hot Pepper Sauce offers excellent health benefits from its nutritious ingredients. From a holistic approach, putting the right foods in your body can act as medicine and help you live better and healthier lives. We’re not doctors but we can tell you that hot sauce, more specifically Hot Peppers, is the rockstar of healthy foods.

  • Relieve Pain

    Hot peppers have an active ingredient called “Capsaicin” which is known to relieve pain, is an antioxidant, an anti-inflammatory and increases your metabolism.

  • Reduce Health Risks

    In addition, hot peppers can improve your circulatory system which keeps your heart happy. They will boost the immune system to help battle cold and flu season and also help promote a healthy digestive system.

  • Healthy Life

    Healthy food choices and natural ingredients are a great proactive approach to better health. At the end of the day, it’s not just eating healthy that gives you a big smile and a big heart - it’s about fellowship with friends and family, sharing over a fantastic meal.

Uncle Cheter's Ingredients

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